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Pinching the Penny Pinchers

4 min read

Idiotic examples of corporate cost-cutting.By Daniel GrossPosted Monday, Sept. 25, 2006, at 4:14 PM ETHow do we know the economy is slowing down? The falling house prices are a clue. So are the bad macroeconomic data. And then there are the mindless, ultimately meaningless cost-cutting actions by gigantic corporations. We’ve reached the moment that occurs(…)

Smoke Screen

1 min read

Just passing on some research on Haze statistics: Thailand has the best stats in the region: Singapore comes in a big step behind but still second with daily average figures: Malaysia, contrary to rumour, does not produce PSI stats though occasionally they will report that air quality is "good" or "moderate" but won’t(…)

Prodigy, 12, Compared To Mozart

6 min read

Prodigy, 12, Compared To Mozart Nov. 28, 2004 (CBS) There is a composer studying at New York’s renowned Juilliard School who some say is the greatest talent to come along in 200 years. He’s written five full-length symphonies, and he’s only 12 years old. His name is Jay Greenberg, although he likes the nickname “Bluejay” because,(…)