Giving away stuff in Singapore

Pass it on

If you have stuff to give away and want it to go to charity, check out this site:

Pass It On seeks to provide an efficient and effective means of distributing unwanted, albeit useful, household items to benefit the less privileged. The donated items will be made available to all Voluntary Welfare Organisations, with the ultimate aim to pass on these items to meet the needs of the less privileged within the care of these organisations.

Note: I have not used this service. I don’t know how fast/efficient it is. At the time of writing, there were not many organisation listing items in need.

Pass It On


Singapore Freecycle

If you want something collected quickly and don’t care who gets it, then SG Freecycle is excellent:

Singapore Freecycle

This is a Yahoo group. You need to sign up with Yahoo and register with the group. There is a fairly high volume of items given away through that forum every day.

Note: The Yahoo group reaches a wider audience and is more effective than the sgfreecycle group on FB. There is a newer group on FB Singapore Neighbourhood FreeCycle which I haven’t checked out yet… stay tuned.


Singapore Really, Really Free Market

Finally, if you are not in a rush, you can wait for the next Really Really Free Market where many people come together to freecycle their stuff:

The really, really free market happens every 6-8 weeks. The beneficiaries depend on where it is held. Often they are other people freecycling their stuff. It’s good for karma.





Salvation Army – note that due to rising costs they are asking for a donation of $60 to collect items to cover delivery. Large items end up in one of the massive warehouse stores.

New2U Thrift Shop @SCWO – Donation items can be dropped off at SCWO Centre (Waterloo Street) any day of week, between 9am – 10pm. Please indicate clearly “Donation for New2U”.

List by Sassy Mamas – there seem to be a lot of “pre-loved” exchange groups specifically catering to moms and/or expat wives

Tana River Life Foundation is a Charitable Trust in Africa set up by Singaporean Gabriel Teo Kian Chong. Once a year (around March) they do a donation drive for specific items in need. Follow their Facebook Page for details.

Gifts from Singapore

“I live in Singapore but my family lives in [pick a country]. What should I bring them when I go back to visit them?”

Pineapple tarts
BBQ pork
Nyonya goodies
Merlion Chocolates

Clipper Tea
Gryphon Tea Company
(try Nymph of the Nile)
Pek Sin Choon
Yixing Xuan Teahouse

Singlish notebook
Tiger balm
Batik coasters
Urban Sketchers SG Book
Peranakan Cutlery

And almost anything from these places:

Bengawan solo
SAM Shop
Supermama (which is also at SAM)
Books Actually
Select Books
Peranakan Museum

The biggest problem with mobile phones…

Before mobile phones:

Phone call 11:00am
Chris: I’m in town running errands today. Want to meet for dinner tonight?
Alex: OK sure. Where? When?
Chris: Broadway cafe. 8pm. See you there.
Alex: OK see you.

Dinner takes place at the Broadway cafe at 8pm.


After mobile phones:

Phone call 11:00am
Chris: I’m in town running errands today. Want to meet for dinner tonight?
Alex: OK sure. Where? When?
Chris: Let me think about it. I’ll call you later.
Alex: OK see you.

Phone call 3:30pm
Chris: Hi again. How about Broadway Cafe?
Alex: OK sure. When?
Chris: I should be able to make it by 7:30pm. I’ll call you later to confirm.
Alex: OK.

SMS 5:30pm
Chris: I’m running a bit late. Let’s say 8pm.
Alex: OK see you there.

Phone call 5:35pm
Alex: Hey I was wondering… would you be interested to try the new Vietnamese place instead? Viet Stars?
Chris: OK. But I’m not sure where it is. Can you text me the address?
Alex: Sure.

SMS restaurant address

SMS 7:50pm
Alex: Sorry I’m stuck in traffic. I may be a bit late.
Chris: No worries. If I get there first I’ll get us a table.

SMS 8:05pm
Chris: The place looks dead. Bad sign. There is this happening French place just a few doors down. I’ll try get a seat there.
Alex: French? My ex is French. OK whatever. ;p Be there in 10.

Phone call 8:20pm
Alex: Hey where are you?
Chris: I’m seated at the back of Chez Claire.
Alex: OH! I’m standing out front. OK see you in a sec…

Dinner takes place at the Chez Claire at 8:25pm.

eResources at the National Library

The National Library has an amazing collection of digital reference databases from around the world, much of which can be accessed from home.


5 Little PigsGo to the NLB’s eResources Page and login or register with you IC or FIN (the services is for Singaporeans and residents only).

You can then access a massive collection of material using the list in the left sidebar. There is everything from archived newspapers and photo repositories to vintage books in digital form.

If there is any one problem with this collection, it is that it’s too massive: there are 170 databases listed. That is a LOT of stuff – as if the internet wasn’t distracting enough already.

Some of the best databases can only be accessed at the central library or selected satellite libraries. This includes Bloomberg, Factiva & Economist Intelligence Unit.


Best of At Home

My favorites finds for home access were:

  • Factiva – access to broad range of news and business info
  • Library PressDisplay – access to more than 1000 newspapers globally
  • Naxos Music Library
  • Newspaper SG

  • NewspaperSG – this is billed as digital archives of Singapore and Malaya papers from 1831-2006 however I found articles as recent as 2009. These are colour scans of newspapers and not text. Some of results found were marked “Available at NLB libraries only”.
  • ePage magazine collections – includes a number of popular mags
  • OnAsia – Massive collection of images
  • Singapore 1000 – audited financials of Singapore’s top 1000 corpropates
  • Singapore National Album of Pictures
  • Mango Languages – offering basic to advances courses in a number of Asian languages as well as French, German and Spanish.
  • World eLibrary – Huge collection of eBooks

To access any of these services and more, login and select from the list here.

It’s worth noting that there is no home access of current local newspapers: to look at recent archives of the ST or other local papers, you need to physically get yourself to a library.

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