Absence of Evidence: Gluten Free Diet

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How to read BS science.

Stop That Gluten-Free Diet — New Research Reinforces That There Is No Benefit

For those of you who think this latest article puts the kabosh on Gluten-Free diets, let me break it down for you…

For starters, it’s worth paying attention to who sponsored this so-called scientific research: Grain Foods Foundation. They represent the baking and milling industries. The scientist is paid by the grain industry. Are we really supposed to believe he is not biased?

Their headline says “research reinforces there is no evidence” which actually means nothing. Lack of “published experimental evidence” does not mean there is evidence that GF diets have no benefit. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. If I found no scientific evidence disproving the Easter Bunny, does that mean he exists? No it means nothing.

It is telling they could not cite a single piece of research testing the GF diet and finding no benefit or finding some health costs. They could only say they found no research.

“In fact, people who eliminate gluten may end up gaining weight…”

The ensuing cost/benefit analysis was pure conjecture on the part of the researcher and not at all based on the research being reported. It is a party political broadcast.

BTW, when people use the word may a lot, beware. This may be good for you. Our product may be the best in the world. Those are weasel words.

“Our research confirms much of what we already knew”. No shit sherlock.

This is not a pitch for GF foods. It’s a pitch for critical reading of BS.

Beware marketing dressed up as science.