Aztech wireless extender setup & wifi password

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The wifi password for the Aztech wireless extender can be found on a sticker on the side of the wifi adapter. To customise, follow these instructions.

In order to create a wifi point using an Aztech powerline extender, you need 2 pieces of equipment:

  1. The powerline networking adapter which will connect to your router (I’m using the Homeplug AV 200Mps Pass Through)
  2. The wireless extender which will be plugged in someplace else in your home/workplace (I’m using the 200Mbps HOMEPLUG AV 2-PORT Wireless-N Extender).

There is no setup required for the adapter connected to your router. Just plug it into a powerpoint and into your router and you are good to go. DO THIS FIRST.

The wireless extender, however, does require setup in order to set the wifi-password.

Note that this requires use of an ethernet port. If you have no other connection to the internet, you will need to disconnect from the internet while you do this in which case you should PRINT OUT THESE STEPS.


  1. Install the Homeplug AV software utility that came packaged with your wireless extender.
  2. Plug the Extender into a power outlet.
  3. Connect the extender to your computer with the ethernet cable.
  4. Open the software utility.
  5. Select Wireless.
  6. Change the SSID to something you like or leave it – this is what will appear as the wifi point name.
  7. Change the password and remember it for login to wifi later.
  8. Save.
  9. Optional: it is highly recommended you take this opportunity to download the latest firmware upgrade and upgrade your device’s firmware. Older versions have known stability issues (ie your internet connection keeps getting dropped).
  10. Close.
  11. Disconnect the extender from your PC and the powerpoint.
  12. Plug the extender into the powerpoint in the desired location.

Once this is done, it will take about a minute for it to communicate with the home adapter.

You are good to go. Login to your new wifi point with the password you just set.