Brilliant Proposal to Revitalize Post Office

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With the advent of e-mail, the role of Post Offices has deminished considerably over time.

Solution Proposed: Sell Weed

On the plus side, it is expected that the Post Office’s amazing ability to drive away customers will help drive down cannabis use.

The director of the alcohol and drug service at St Vincent’s Hospital, Alex Wodak, said Australia needed to learn from the tobacco industry and the US Prohibition era in coming to terms with his belief that cannabis use would replace cigarette consumption over the next decade. “The general principal is that it’s not sustainable that we continue to give criminals and corrupt police a monopoly to sell a drug that is soon going to be consumed by more people than tobacco,” he said.

“I don’t want to see that [industry] fall into the hands of tobacco companies or rapacious businessmen.

“I’d like to see it fall into the hands of the failed business people Australia seems so good at producing or the Australia Post that seems so successful in driving away customers.”

The report did not state whether or not he was a user.