Condi Rice Can Kiss My Beaver

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An Open Letter to the Secretary of State

… we’ve had eight years of balanced or surplus financial accounts. If we’re going to spend money, Mr. Goodale added, it will be on day-care and health programs, and even on more foreign aid and improved defence.

Sure, that doesn’t match the gargantuan, multi-billion-dollar deficits that your government blithely runs up fighting a “liberation war” in Iraq, laying out more than half of all weapons expenditures in the world, and giving massive tax breaks to the top one per cent of your population while cutting food programs for poor children.

Just chalk that up to a different sense of priorities..

– Lloyd Axworthy, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada

Now how can you not love a crazy bastard like that? I haven’t lived in Canada for 15 years but the place keeps providing me with reasons to brag about being Canadian… Decriminalizing pot, recognizing gay marriages and getting foamy at the mouth from time to time are the only rational reactions to having the USA as your neighbour.

I haven’t had this much good clean canuck fun since the Molson I Am Canadian ad (a must watch).