Fake Videos

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Tumba Ping Pong Knife throwing skills

Some videos are easily spotted as fakes like the never ending supply of fake UFO sightings or clips like the physics defying Celebrity Hoverboard.

The more obvious fakes also include many fake sporting skills videos like:

The professionalism of those videos and the fact that they are ads is enough to get your BS detector going.

But some are harder to spot and have fooled millions:

The key to a good fake video is to not be too polished. Start with something that looks low quality and amateurish then have some incredible surprise in the middle of the shot.

Now test yourself

With that in mind, check out this famous Federer Trick shot video. It seems like the video was being taken unofficially and that they were just messing around before a proper photo shoot… then BAM, Federer does a crazy trick shot.