How to Block Trackers

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Want to block trackers? There are a massive number of tools out there and it requires some heavy lifting to figure it out.

This is a no-brainer list for those who just want something that works.

Do Not Track Blockers


Good to Have:

Recommended for Chrome:

  • Disconnect  – from the makers of – stop social logins from grabbing more info than they need
  • fPrivacy - Makes Facebook permissions optional
  • Sharemenot  – Prevents third-party buttons embedded by sites from tracking you until you actually click on them.



Notes on uBlock Origin

There is a bit of a story to uBlock Origin.

It is a wide spectrum blocker. Better than AdBlock Plus. NOT the same as uBlock (read about drama here).

uBlock Origin superior to uBlock on all counts EXCEPT uBlock can be used in Safari. uBlock Origin can’t. Neither can it be used on mobile. For that look to Adblock Plus.


Ghostery vs Disconnect

Ghostery’s interface is cleaner and provides easy to understand tracking info. It’s an eye opener.

However experienced users tend to prefer Disconnect Me which is not so clean but more lightweight. It’s a toss up.