I’m in the Ashley Madison data dump.

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“I’m in the data dump. You are talking about me now. Fact: i am a long term member of AM with a spouse with a medical condition that has severely affected our intimate life. Fact: I engaged only with other members in similar situations (open marriage/medical condition) fact: before engaging in an encounter was tested for ALL stds. Fact: requested and received verified std results from other party. Fact: was retested after encounter and retested 6 months later (which is the standard). My SO knows about my AM membership. We still would never dream of spending one night without the other. I want to grow old with my SO. But because of this hack and the attitudes of people who are so locked into your very narrow line of thinking and lacking of so little empathy I will most likely end up loosing possibly friendships at work and in my personal life and most likely will have to find another job. All because I have been deemed as the scourge of all the is good and decent in the world according to decent god loving people such as yourself.

Good luck crafting that perfect utopia of yours. Watch out when suddenly it turns on you though because you are confronted with one of life’s unfortunate and often unfair speed bumps that puts into conflict with the herd.”

Source: Comment in The Intercept