Is The Times Spamming Furl?

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The popular social bookmarking systems – Furl, Digg & del.ici.ous amongst others – tend to have a lot of the same “top urls.” However Furl is unique in that it is the only one that regularly has listings from Times Select which is the New York Times paid for subscription service.

And it’s not just the odd Times Select listing now and again. Today, there are 4 Times select listings in the top 25 – none of which appear on the other top urls lists. In fact out of the top 25 Furl listings today, there are 9 New York Times listings. Del.ici.ous has none. Coincididence?

Looking at who has Furled all these Times links results in: anonymous, anonymous, anonymous.

Has the net descended into such a mess that even The Times is spamming now?