Long lost Uncle Found Frozen

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Scientists link 17 living people to an aboriginal man found in glacier

Kwaday Dan Ts’inchi’ means Long Ago Person Found, and he’s believed to have died some time between the years 1670 and 1850. His remains were revealed after a glacier started to recede.

And the discovery shows that he got around…

There you are!

Chief Strand said it proves that there is not only a link between people, but also between cultures as well. Long Ago Person Found is believed to have spent time both in the Interior and on the coast.

Chief Strand applauded the news of the DNA link, but she expressed some frustration over the scientific community’s attitude toward cultural issues. Chief Stand said that for years, she and others have tried to contribute to the investigative process by telling ancestral stories, but they were discounted or not taken seriously. She said the discovery lends greater credibility to first nations’ traditions.

“This reaffirms the integrity of our oral history,” Chief Strand said. “Our oral history needs to have a place in your scientific world.”

Long Ago Person Found