Is Mad Cow Disease behind the surge in Alzheimer’s?

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Mad Cow Disease May Be More Prevalent Than Thought

In the study, when tissue of 54 people diagnosed with AD were autopsied, 5.5% were instead found to have had vCJD, and to have died from it. In a study at Yale, 13% of presumed AD patients were also found to have had vCJD.

Yet, the CDC reports that only one human case of vCJD has occurred in the US from 1995 to 2004. (The incidence of non-variant CJD, also known as spontaneous CJD, is reported as 1 in 1 million worldwide.) (“spontaneous”?)

On the other hand, the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease has been increasing exponentially. There are currently more than 5 million people in the US diagnosed with (supposed) AD.