My Dream Twitter-RSS-Linkshare App

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The new Digg toolbar is warm. Hoot Suit is warmer.

But what I want in an all singing and dancing  link sharing service is the following:

  1. A bookmarklet which:
    • Creates a short URL
    • Can forward it to Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed (whatever) with additional text. Duh.
    • Enables tagging
    • Allows an additional comment which will appear in the URL header bar (see below).
  2. The short URL forwards to a framed page (like BigTweet – now defunct) with the following info in the header:
    • Rate or Like
    • Retweet
    • My comment
    • Comment / Discuss button.
  3. The comment button will expand the frame to reveal a discussion page for all those who clicked through from my link (ie my own personal Reddit).
  4. A homepage with
    • A list of all my shared links including their tags, click count, rating and link to comments
    • RSS enabled so anyone can subscribe to all my shared links or a subset for a given tag
    • Historic stats for clicks and comments

I think that would do it for now.



  1. I want to collect stats on all the links I share because I’m anal like that.
  2. I have a number of friends who would like to follow my shared links via RSS only and in some cases, only certain topics.
  3. They may also want to discuss some articles but would prefer to do so amongst a small group


PS: I’d pay for this.



Update 9 April:

It looks like Krumlr is trying to provide just this service. I will test it out and report back. No RSS but otherwise it looks like it has most of the bells and whistles I’m looking for.

Horrible design though. It’s just possible they have a color blind designer. This may impede my ability to research the site.