Need Help with Outlook: View Reset Problem

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I’ve looked everywhere and asked everyone so this is my last chance… that some anonymous surfer will come along with advice or find this in his search for the same thing.

Anytime I sort by a field (ie by clicking the relevant column heading) it redefines the view applied to the folder and removes the existing field grouping.

Eg: Let’s say I created the view “Fave View” which is available for all folders. I define the view so that it groups by the field [Categories] and sorts by [Received] – descending. I apply that view to my Inbox. Now some time later, while in my Inbox, I decide I want to sort by “Sender” so I click the top of the [Sender] column. *Poof* – the grouping disappears. I now just have a flat list sorted by [Sender].

To fix this, I go to apply the view {Fave View} again but nothing happens. When I go in to define {Fave View}, under the “group by” option it now shows “(none)” …? WTF? The {Fave View} has essentially been updated to reflect the last status of my inbox. It has been redefined.

Each folder seems to have its own version of the view… so the definition of “Fave View” for my sent folder still is grouped by [Categories].

Once upon a time, I could sort by any field while in the Inbox and it would not change the parameters of the view and the grouping would stay intact. Now the views have no permanence whatsoever and are redefined by every amendment I make to my active folder.

What can I do?