Open Source Essentials

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My last PC was literally held together with bits of tape… but event that started to fail and I finally bit the bullet and bought a new machine.

Instead of reinstalling all my old software wholesale, I decided to start over with just the essentials. This is the list of what is now on my machine just 24 working hours after first power up:

– AutoHotKey (this was my first install)
– Firefox (OK THIS was really my first install)
– Chrome
– 7zip – essential alternative to WinZip
– Gimp – Image Editor
– Filezilla – FTP
– VLC Media Player
– Foxit Reader – essential alternative to Adobe
– uTorrent + PeerGuardian2
– Avast

I’m not loading them now but I expect I will no doubt be reinstalling:
– Audacity
– Irfanview
– WinAmp
– CCleaner
– Spywaremaster
– AdAware
– Spybot
– DVD Flick – great for burning DVDs