Reading on your phone the right way.

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It is possible to read on your phone without have a headache but you need the right system.

First be aware that surfing the web mostly sucks because web pages are shoved full of crap from advertisers and trackers that bloat a page, take up bandwidth and make page loads slow.


You may not notice this much on a desktop, but on mobile, it sucks big time. If you are on Firefox, run Lightbeam on a page to see how much extra crap you are being pushed or look up a page on Baycloud.


Rule #1: Don’t surf on your phone for articles to read.

Sure, use your phone to look up stuff you need to know right now. But don’t just surf around web pages out of boredom. That is guaranteed to suck.


Rule #2: Install Pocket on your phone  and desktop. Now use it.

Using it means load it up with content you want to read. See an article in your FB feed? Save it to Pocket. Come across an interesting news article at NYT? Save it to pocket. Just load that baby up so that whenever you find yourself with time on your hands and a phone in your hand, you are good to go. The content will sync from your desktop.laptop to your phone. Then Pocket serves content to you stripped of all the bloat in a readable format you can tailor.

That’s it. No Rule #3.


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