Rheaume Genealogy

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I am decended from Rene Rheaume who is my first anscestor (on my father’s side) to step foot into the new world. He arrived in the late 1600s and 11 generations later here I am.

My interest in genealogy has waxed and waned and at some point I will pull all my notes together to compile a proper family tree. In the mean time, here are two documents that may be of interest to those researching this name. They are scans of docs given to my father over 30 years ago. These are in French. If you are motivated to borrow, copy or translate, please be sure to link back to my page!

These are some files I compiled back in 2004. They pull together a bunch of info I found on the net but I cannot vouch for their accuracy. The info is quite extensive and I’ve used the gedcom file to print a family tree that took up 8 feet of wallspace!