Scientific Technique for Finding Home

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You may have wondered why trips out always seem to take longer than trips home. As it turns out, this is just a matter of simple physics. If you put a marble into a bowl, it will eventually come to rest at the lowest point. This is gravity – the earth’s pull on the marble.

Gravity is a kind of love that masses have for one another. It’s an affinity. And hearts are in many ways similar to marbles: to move away from the place of rest is much harder than to return to it.

If you don’t know where your home is, simply apply physics: once you determine the place that is easiest to return to, the epicenter of hard journeys out and easy journeys back, that is home. A place, a person, an idea… they can all can create a gravitational warp in spacetime where a heart can come to rest.

Spacetime warped