Singapore Server Home to Web Revenge

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Everything you want is available on the net: even revenge.

Want to ruin someone’s credit rating? Break up their marriage? Get them fired? A new internet based service may be just what you’re looking for.

A SERVICE offering a complete “revenge package” in which people can destroy the financial status and relationships of their enemies at the click of a mouse is being offered over the internet.

For as little as £10 a month, customers of the website can make the credit ratings of people they dislike plummet and even have them suspected of fraud. – Times Online 12 August 2007

More “legitimate” services offered include the provision of very realistic fake documents to help you get credit from a bank, help you breach security for your next terrorist attack or simply help you get your underaged self into a bar…

Innovation knows no bounds and the free market spirit once again triumphs! Chalk up another point to Milton Friedman.