Snakes Will be Snakes

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Python Swallows SheepAn Australian family is devastated that their family pets have been keeping a neighbourhood python fat. First on the menu was the cat, later the guinea pig and finally the dog. At this point they are worried for their children. Safe to say that by the time the guinea pig was devoured, they should have made arrangements to protect Roofus.

While the tragedy of the pets living in rural Australia may have been foreseen, the fate of Glenda Liu’s Jack Russell Terrier, Bella, was somewhat more of a surprise. One day while walking her dog in the very urban River Valley area of Singapore, a 3.5m python managed to creep up on them and squeeze the life out of little Bella. The snake then managed to escape the police called to the scene and has managed to stay out of the press since.

In Malaysia, just north of Singapore, there have been reports of large pythons falling out of trees, stunning their human victims and then squeezing them to death though this may just be urban legend. Suspect pics have been circulating the net for years (with my assistance).