[Solved] Sorting iPhone photo albums by filename

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This is a solution for WINDOWS users.

iPhone photo albums are sorted by date. So the goal is to change the image files sequentially so that their timestamps have the same order as their filenames. Any technique you use to amend the modified date in the order you need will work.

This method will just make the job easier for large photo albums.

You will need: BulkFileChanger


PART 1: Fix the Filename

Put all the photos for the album in a single folder.

Ensure that the viewing order can be easily achieved by sorting by name. If not, rename the files accordingly either manually or using a bulk renaming tool like WildRename.

Once sorting by filename easily acheives the sort order you want in your album, you are reading to move on to bulk editing of the date.


Part 2: Fix the File Date

  1. Open BulkFileChange
  2. Add all the images in the relevant folder
  3. Important: Sort files by file name
  4. Select All
  5. Hit F6: Change Time Attributes
  6. Tick Date/time sequence mode
  7. Tick Created, choose a time, tick Add and 1 Minute
  8. Tick Modified, choose a time, tick Add and 1 Minute
  9. Click Do it.

The file modified time now corresponds with the viewing order desired.


PART 3: Sync with your iPhone

Before syncing, delete your iPhone photo cache JUST IN CASE there is an old version of your album.

Ensure the folder is selected in iTunes for folder to sync with your iPhone.