Temperature Terrorists

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When I went for my singing lesson last night, I had my temperature checked at the door. I felt like a potential terrorist being padded down for a hidden weapon. Except when you don’t know what the thermometer will read, you’re somewhat apprehensive that you might in fact be guilty.

Tonight it will be the same story. Each choir member has to have his/her temperature checked before rehearsal at the Esplanade. One poor soul has 30 minutes to check 200 people. That’s roughly one every 10 seconds. Good Luck!

We’re told this is so that "everyone will feel more comfortable." We were told this Monday as we all sat in VCH together not having had a temperature check. So I’m guessing this is to make the soloists feels comfortable! Or it’s simply a government requirement in order to "go on with the show."

I wonder if anyone has ever put ice in their ear to get through the check?!

It would be amusing to get a picture of the entire choir in masks. Well I think you know who wouldn’t find it so funny.

We all signed sworn statement that we have not so much as looked at anyone from Hanoi, Beijing, Toronto or Hong Kong. I wanted my sister to see me perform but given that she’s coming from Toronto, it’s just as well she arrives a day too late.

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