The Big Sync

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It is possible to sync both your passwords and bookmarks between home and office with Foxmarks, a Firefox plugin. This amazing app even lets you specify which bookmarks should show up where… in case you have some NSFW links that you don’t want appearing in your office favorites.

But wait! I don’t have Firefox at the office. Don’t worry – there is a work around…


  1. Install Firefox at home if you don’t already run this browser.
  2. Install Firefox Portable at the office. This can run from your home drive and does not require admin rights to install. If you are blocked from the download link, download it at home, zip it up, and send it to yourself at the office.
  3. Never use Internet Explorer again.*
  4. Install Foxmarks. As part of the installation, you will create a Foxmarks account to manage your various profiles (ie office versus home). You can choose to sync bookmarks, passwords or both.

Foxmarks + Firefox = Happiness

How I use this setup:

  1. Whenever I come across a link at the office that I want to view but is blocked, I put it in a designated “Home” folder.
  2. Back at home, I simply go through all the links in that folder to see what I’ve been missing.

If you are looking for more extensive password management system with form filling, check out Last Pass which is another Firefox plugin.

* Your company Intranet is probably optimised for MSIE and may not run properly in Firefox. Sadly you may still have to use MSIE from time to time.