The National Day Wait

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It’s National Day in Singapore today and thousands of people have been waiting in the tropical heat for the fireworks still 3 hours away. Many stake their place as early as noon for a show that doesn’t start until 8pm. This is usually in heat that reaches 35C with 85%+ humidity. It’s hard work for a 15 minute spectacular.

I can see the fireworks from the comfort of my flat. This means that every year, I see 3 rounds of fireworks (2 practice sessions plus the NDP show itself) not to mention the countless other fireworks shows for New Years and various other holidays.

In fact the view is so good from where I live, cops have blocked off my street and only let residents in because in previous years, people have parked their car in the street making it impossible to get through. It took me 2 hours to make the 2km trip out one year. Some of my more influential neighbours must have pulled some strings to sort that problem out.

For the first time in about 15 years, it looks like the National Day Parade will get rained on. Given the odds of rain on any given day in the tropics, NDP has had a good run of it. But the sky is turning dark and I can hear rumbling in the distance. Mother nature may be providing the light show tonight.

OK here come the jets…

View from my window…
NDP Rehearsal from my window

Amazing but despite the black skies, it only rained a few drops then cleared up. It was another perfect day for the NDP.