The two largest earthquakes of our time…

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It’s worth noting that the TWO LARGEST earthquakes in the past 15 years have both occured in the last 3 months and have been within a few hundred kilometres of each other. In fact they dwarf all the other quakes by comparison.

Earthquakes Magnitude 8.0 and Greater Since 1990
11994060900:33:168.2Nortdern Bolivia
21994100413:22:558.3Kuril Islands
31995073005:11:238.0Near Coast of Nortdern Chile
41995100915:35:538.0Near Coast of Jalisco, Mexico
51996021705:59:308.2Irian Jaya Region, Indonesia
61998032503:12:258.1Balleny Islands Region
72000111604:54:568.0New Ireland Region, P.N.G.
82001062320:33:148.4Near Coast of Peru
92003092519:50:068.3Hokkaido, Japan Region
102004122314:59:048.1Nortd of Macquarie Island
112004122600:58:539.0Off West Coast of Nortdern Sumatra
122005032816:09:368.7Nortdern Sumatra, Indonesia

You can watch the world’s earthquakes here:Quake Map.

I check it out daily and for the past week, there had been very little seismic activity on the west coast of Sumatera – which is unusual. Seems the build up was too much.

Next time it gets quiet, better run for the hills.