My Twitter Follow Manifesto

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Disclaimer: My thoughts on Twitter are evolving as fast as my English skills are devolving. So my views will surely change but in the meantime my ability to express them may disappear.

Condensing every thot in2 140 chars iz takin its toll. Follow Policy

  • I follow people who tweet content interesting to me.
  • I don’t auto-follow
  • When someone follows me I will try to check out their profile within a few days to decide whether to manually follow them back.
  • I follow people I know in the real world.
  • I am more likely to follow people based in Singapore or around SE Asia.
  • I will follow people I’ve had discussions with on Twitter.
  • Profiles which include descriptions like SEO guru, marketing maven, etc are usually a turn off.
  • Receiving an auto-direct message upon following someone is a pet peeve. I haven’t unfollowed anyone for that yet but the day will come…


What’s Interesting To Me

Singapore news, genetics, evolution, sexual selection, science & technology, forensic science, justice, police brutality, low carb & paleo living, intermittent fasting, cooking, dining, medicine, drugs, health, epidemiology, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, BSE, insulin resistance, early Christianity, Christian fundamentalism, rationalism, peak oil, biofuels, animal intelligence, cuteoverload, web design, rss, javascript, php, css, bookmarklets, internet memes, humor, witty writing and meaningful quotes.