Video: Religion Bashing

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There must be a way to discuss the failings of religion without descending to this.

There are definitely many hypocrites out there. But the fact that a large number of people have decided to change their religion suggests to me that they spend some time thinking about it as opposed to just swallowing whatever their parents have handed down to them.

And given that a generation ago, just about nobody declared themselves atheist, it would seem that this generation of non-believers is as guilty of “changing their minds.” Generally we like it that people think. Or at least attempt to.

While I don’t agree that every outspoken atheist is a foaming at the mouth militant fascist, I do have some sympathy for this guy (Chris Hedges) …

OK there is something whiney about Hedges and ranting about how you don’t like other people ranting is not going to boost your book sales. And calling the lot of them militant fascist is hardly accurate. Hitchins’ military proclivities aside, the atheists are generally peace-loving if somewhat smug.

But there has got to be a better way to bring people to a rationalist view than name calling. Not everyone who follows religion is a hypocrite getting fat off the gullibility of others. For the most part, the people being insulted are sincere and well intentioned.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s really worth being a buzz-kill after all.