Washing Machine Repairman – Singapore

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I used this guy and was happy with the work he did.

Oriental Service Centre
Blk 45 Bendemeer Road, #01-1451, S’pore 330045
Tel: 6298 3381
Website: http://www.orientalservicecentre.com/9001-0950/

Communication over the phone was not great: I kept trying to get a confirmed appointment time and the woman I spoke to said she’d get back to me – or that the repairman would. Nobody confirmed but eventually a smiling uncle was there at my door. So that part was not perfect but the machine service was very good.

I was charged $90 for the visit which included removing the drum and getting stuff removed that was caught in the mechanism. The whole thing took 15 minutes. He also let me know that my machine was in pretty good shape and should last a few more years but that I might need new shock absorber. Useful info.

$90 may be too steep for some, but for me it was worth it – pushing back the cost of a new machine by a few years.

When you call them, you should have your machine model number ready. It is usually found on the inside of the door.