Why you should care about site scrapers

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If you are an avid readers of blogs and make use of RSS, you should definitely care about the parasites known as “site scrapers.”

Here’s how it works. Someone who doesn’t have original content picks a few newsworthy topics to follow. The scraper then sets up a website oriented around those topics … The scraper then finds out which high-quality and high-ranking sites have full RSS feeds so that the scraper can import the content from the RSS feed and duplicate it on the scraper site. After the scraper has stolen enough content and optimized the site with keywords that the search engines deem most relevant to the niche, the scraper then submits the site for inclusion on Google News. When Google News includes the site, validating it as a reputable news site to Google users, the scraper can then make money from advertising as it has a guaranteed stream of visitors to the site via Google search and Google News. – Credit Writedowns

OK so, not my problem, right? Pity the poor blogger that is busting his hump over creating content.

Well to make a long story short, when the blogger is unable to get the pilfering to stop, his last resort is to stop providing his blog full content through RSS… This is where the dreaded “RSS summary” comes in – a real drag to all avid RSS users.

I have switched to summary feeds because I am sick of this game.

So what to do? Help the victim out by reporting the scraper sites to Google Adsense whenever you see it happen. If it becomes a regular practice by the most avid consumers of blogs, it will cap the potential benefits to site scrapers and maybe discourage some of the wannabes.

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